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Our next One-Day Sale is coming up soon...JULY 26th!  It starts at 9am on WBRK 1340AM and WBRK STAR 101.7!


Wondering how it works?  Here you go...


We're going to describe the items up for bid on-air.  If you hear an item you like, and would like to place a bid, call 443-9275.  You'll tell the bid taker how much you want to bid, what the item is, and give your phone number.  Then...


...keep listening!


The bidding doesn't end until you hear the cowbell ring for an item!  If you're the higheset bidder, you'll receive a call back from one of our operators confirming you won the item.  You'll also receive a ticket number.  This is important!  Write that number down, and bring it with you to our station, WBRK Inc., 100 North St. in downtown Pittsfield, during pick-up hours.  You may pay with cash, check, or credit card.  You'll then receive either your item or a gift card for the business for you to enjoy!  


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